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R4 Update Coming to Smart Display starting today (November 21st)

Hi Smart Display Owners,


I have the pleasure of announcing another set of features coming to your display starting today.


Please note that the release is always trickled, however this time it will be faster than with the previous R3 update.


Once you have the update you will see the firmware version: 


Here is a list of features coming with this update:


  • Touch Alarms in Quick Settings
  • Remove, Favorite and Share Photos
  • My Cookbook (Save & Retrieve Recipes)
  • Thanksgiving Recipe Recommendations Card
  • Nest Hello doorbell 2-way talk via touch
  • Timeout faster to Dark Screen (instead of Home) when in low light
  • Support "turn off the screen"
  • Bigger dark screen clock face
  • Change display to min versus auto brightness
  • Show previous feature, when swiping off current feature


Miguel Gonzalez
Smart Device, Gaming & Spanish Community Leader

Lenovo Slovakia




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