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Moto G5+ G5 Plus Battery Swelling Bulging Lifting Screen up 4mm. What????

Hi Motorola and Moto Community,


A relative of mine has a Moto G5+ Motorola G5 Plus Lunar Grey. Yesterday I was updating their phone to Oreo and that finished just fine. As I was holding the phone to look at the new Android features, I noticed that the LCD glass on the phone was bulging swelling expanding lifting up about 4mm on bother sides of the phone. Whoa! Even though the phone was not having any software problems or even very warm after the upgrade, I powered it off immediately. My experience as an IT consultant tells me that this is a defective lithium battery in a dangerous condition (ie. ready for fire and/or explosion). It's a wonder it didn't burn their house down.


As a favor, I bring the phone back to my office. The phone was purchased new direct from a well-known cellular carrier in April 2017. It sits on the counter as a backup phone and has maybe 20 hours total time on it. Today I called Motorola support for a free replacement due to shipping a defective product. After escalation to the next supervisor, I'm told they very best Motorola can do is offer a discount off their normal "out of warranty" replacement cost of $125. I explained that when I'm shipped defective product, that's relatively new (ie 18 months), I expect it to be replaced at no cost to me whatsoever. The warranty support person said they can't accommodate me. I politely replied that I however, could accommodate Motorola by no longer recommending their products to my clients.


Has anyone else had Motorola OEM battery swelling bulging expanding lifting in any recent Motorola phone that's damaged their phone like this battery did? If so, did the battery pop up the glass like on this phone? Did anyone have damage to persons or other property as a result of this defect? A web search says this phone does not have user replaceable batteries. Did the swell bulge expand lift of your battery also damage your Moto phone?


This is not a normal wear and tear technology failure. I've attached a picture and appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Regards . . .

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