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Punch Card
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ThinkVision p27h humming on USB C

My monitor, ThinkVision p27h, makes a high pitched humm/whirring sound when my laptop, Lenovo Yoga 920, is connected via USB-C. I believe the issue is the Power Delivery for USB C in the monitor supply. I know AC->DC conversion can sometimes cause this sound when constructed poorly and when the load on the end is not needing to be charged. Sure enough, when my battery is not 100% the whirring sound is gone.


Does anyone else have this issue? I am trying to decide if a replacement would fix this issue. Also upset that corners were cut and dampening design was not impelmented -- like more glue...


I am sensitive to these higher pitched sounds. I really liked the One Cable design of this monitor, especially for the price, but I don't know if I can keep it.

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