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Can't "click" touchscreen on Windows and some programs (Thinkpad X380 Yoga)


Today my thinkpad (X380 Yoga) automatically updated some intel drivers (couldn't figure out which ones) with the Intel driver and support assistand. Afterwards the touchscreen somehow stopped working properly. I can still visually hover over buttons, text fields or program borders, but if I try to click it doesn't work. I can touch, but not click or scroll inside the programs, neither with my finger nor the pen.

It's very strange that this only happens on Windows stuff like the taskbar, file explorers and some programs like OneNote or VirtualBox. In Chrome for example clicking and scrolling seems to work perfectly fine.


Another strange thing i saw: Under tablet PC settings if I try to calibrate or configure my pen and touch display, it says that there is no pen or touch input available for my display. 

My display name is: 1. Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 1920x1080


What i already tried:

- Checked for hardware problems via Lenovo Solution Center

- Checked for driver updates via Intel driver and support assistant and Lenovo Service Bridge

- Searched for driver updates manually in the device manager (HID-Confiant Touchscreen, HID-Confiant Pen, Lenovo Pen Device, a lot of Intel Drivers, USB drivers)

- Deactivating and activating those device drivers via the device manager

- Deleting the device drivers and rebooting to reload them

- Load from an older restore point

- Reset my PC (Which removed all programs... I did not have much installed)


I have no idea how to fix this now. Did someone have a similiar problem and knows a solution to this?

Thanks a lot! 

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