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Registered: ‎11-16-2018
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Moto one power taking 4 hours to charge while switched off



I recently bought one power and updated my phone to pie, as soon as i inserted my sim.

Later the day, I charged the phone after completly using up the battery, i had noted it down it took 2:46mins to charge first time from 0-100%. I used it for more than two days and installed more apps also charged moto one power couple of times before it is completly zero in between.


Now surprisingly, charging my phone from 0-100% and its taking nearly 4 hours to charge now. I know thats not turbo charging.


-updated to pie

-used only turbo power charger in box 


is there a possiblity that apps can influence the charging time even when the phone is switched off ? or is it only meant to turbo charge first couple of times ?


Why was my first 0-100% charge was at 2:40 mins and now the same phone same charger is taking like 4 hours both are done while mobiles switched off, what is the reason for this?


Should i opt for the refund or replacement of the mobile or is it just another software bug ? 


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