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K8 Note Motherboard Failure Issue.... Very high and Lenovo is simply making customer responsible for

My K8 Note suddenly got hang on 10/11/2018. When i switched it off but when I tried to switch On, The Home Screen was not going beyond Lenove Home page. On 10th evening I tried all possible resolution as per the online guideline from Lenovo. But could not succeed. Next day on 11/11/2018, I took it to M/s Cellular World, the nearest Lenovo Authorised Service Centre  at Borivali-Mumbai. Upon inspection, they declared that Motherboard is the not working and Motherboard needs to be replaced. Since the Warranty period is by 10 hrs, the case could not be entertained under warranty. There is no other issue at all. Then I escalated the matter to higher up in Lenovo/Motorala Comapany. I was advised to bring the hand set again to service center for a thorough investigation. 

On 13th Nov'18 I once again handed over my handset to the same service center. But to my utter surprise, they immidiately declared that the Handset is bend and whatever repairing will be on payment basis. They have not repeated about Warranty this time.

However after some rethinking I agreed to their proposal of 50% discounted proposal as I don't want to carry it further. But I have made it clear for several time over phone and through mail also that THE BEND need to be corrected along with replacement of Motherboard as that was the only issue for failure of Motherboard as pointed by Lenove service team

When I went to take the delivery of handset, observed that the Handset is still having the BEND. Now they are confirming that the BEND will not have any issue with Motherboard. I simply could not understand the logic. When I insisted to replace the Handset body or correct the alignment, I was again asked to make payment of 4k for the Body. This is really ridiculous. 

Now as of now I have left my handset at the Service Center only. Not taken the delivery. 

In the meantime I have wrote several emails to Mr Rahul Agarwal but to my utter surprise there is not single reply from his side. 

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