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MOTO E3 power dual sim 4g network volte issue

Hi i am having motoe3 power earlier i am using jio 4g in sim 1 and bsnl regular in slot2 latter on at my job location jio connectivity is not there so i started using vodafone 4g in slot one and jio in slot two my questions are moto e3 power is really dual sim slot 4g or only one ( if both whether both are active same time) because when i choose vodfaone net  jio will go directly offline as in slot 2 and hwn i choose jio which in slot 2 both are active

again speed is very less it shows lte, volte, r never shows 4g so whetehr its 4g comaptible ir really 4g phone big ?

another issue its shows network signal  in sim1 vodafone 4g but when tried to call its not reachbale week in picking signal

when i shift jio to slot 1 and vodafone to slt 2 then sometime both are active but normally jio will active vodafone gets inactive 

what is the solution and speed us big issue 



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