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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-09-2019
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Moto G5 plus has stopped making wifi calls

Until now I have been able to make calls on wifi.  Suddenly, when I'm in a low or no signal cell zone it won't make a wifi call.  I have wifi calling 'on' and I see that the wifi symbol is strong - I even tried this 3 feet away from my router's antenna.  The phone call symbol is on, as is the wifi calling phone symbol, but there is no connection to the phone network, T-Mobile.  After a long period of silence a message appears that says there is no cell signal and I must connect to a wifi network.  But I am connected to a wifi network and can send and receive data.


I don't know what is going on, can anyone shed some light?  This only started happening about two or three weeks ago after I updated to 8.1.  Thank you.

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