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Laptop in seemingly perpetual repair - worst customer service experience EVER

My story begins back in October, a naive college student with a broken laptop. At this point in my life, I was very fond of Lenovo; they had provided me with an excellent laptop from which I had little to no complaints. Unfortunately, my keyboard began to have problems. But was I worried? No! I had purchased an additional on-site warranty when I first bought the laptop 2 summers ago. I called the Lenovo support team and began to explain my situation. Not only was my keyboard malfunctioning, but I had also cracked my screen earlier that year. I thought I might as well get that repaired at the same time as the keyboard. However, to my dismay, the support agent told me that I would have to send my laptop in for repair even though I shelled out the extra cash for on-site repair service. "Oh well", I thought. They quoted me a 9-day turnaround, so I wasn't too disappointed. I'd have my computer back in no time, right? Nope.


After an initial misunderstanding of what needed to be repaired, I received an invoice charging me for the incorrect part. I then embarked on an email chain of idiocy trying to explain to the repair agent what needed to be fixed on my laptop and what I should be charged for. The individual was convinced that my screen was, in fact, not cracked. Well, it certainly was, quite blatantly in fact. After a couple weeks, I finally got the confusion sorted out and was correctly charged for a new screen and Lenovo was going to cover the defective keyboard replacement. Finally! I was in the I thought.


Another couple weeks passed with no news from Lenovo, so I called in again. Supposedly, they were waiting on parts. Come mid-December, my laptop was still not being fixed so I began calling in with increased frequency. "We're still waiting on a part" they would say. I have a hard time believing they can't get a part in 2 months. If I knew it would take this long, I would have ordered the parts from eBay, received them in 2 days, and taken them to a local repair shop. If I had done that, I am positive I could have my laptop repaired inside 2 weeks. Anyway, we get to the end of December and I convince an agent to escalate my case. "Finally," I thought. "I'm in the clear now." I received a call from a manager shortly after and he assured me he was on my side and would give me a call the next day after checking on the part's status. Damone is his name if anyone reading this can help me out. However, the next day came and passed, and so did the week with no returned call. I have called and called with no response. I have sent emails with no response. I call the support line frequently. They consistently tell me that my case has been escalated, they will send a follow-up request, and I should receive a call within 24 hours. I've been told that probably 10 times. Not once have a received a callback from a manager.


I am appalled by how horrible the customer service is at such a notable company. Until my problems are solved, I continue to tell people about my horrendous experience and strongly recommend that they NEVER purchase a Lenovo product. It's quite rare that I would care so much about customer service to adamantly dissuade people from purchasing a company's products even when their products are quite good. However, this has truly been the worst experience I have ever had by many multiples. Nearly 3 months later with countless hours wasted, I now find myself in a situation where I will likely be purchasing a new laptop. At this moment, I am a potential life long customer LOST.


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