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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-16-2019
Location: IN
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Moto X4 after Pie 9.0 update issues

Moto X4 Indian user. Updated device from oreo8.1 to pie 9.0 on 13Jan 2019 after repeated prompts from device to upgrade to 9.0 version.




1. Mobile Data even after turning it ON does not show the LTE data sending receiving icons and does not connect to internet. We need to restart phone to actually start Mobile Data to have a working data connection.


2. The actual brightness in screen is very low. In Oreo 8.1 it was working good. But after Pie 9.0 update screen brightness does not reach the brightness level we got earlier.


Lenovo Moto x4 team requesting you to  please fix these issues.


I will post more issues as I find.

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