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Lenovo Yoga 720 15-IKB Shuts Down on Battery

Recently my Lenovo Yoga 720 15-IKB has started shutting down after a few minutes when on battery. It's fine when I use it plugged in. But once I unplug it and it's using battery (even when fully charged), it will consistently turn off after a few minutes. Nothing has changed that I know of since this started happening. It just seemed to start doing it one day. It hasn't been dropped or anything, it hasn't even left the house.


I read around a bit and saw the recommendation to update the BIOS. So I've attempted to update the BIOS via the official Lenovo support page but run into an issue and it can't complete. It has me download 4mcn33ww.exe and kicks off Insyde H20FFT (Flash Firmware Tool). The process appears to run as expected until it turns off the laptop to restart and once it boots back up with the screen black, a red message states "Warning: No Battery Connected, This process requires AC power and a charged battery to avoid accidental power-off during an update". I attached a photo of what I see. I, of course, have the laptop plugged in during this process so I'm not sure why it says that. And prior to starting the BIOS update, Windows states the laptop is, in fact, charging/plugged in.



At this point I'm stuck. The only potential fix I've found online is to update the BIOS, but I can't update the BIOS due to the AC power error it seems.


Any ideas?



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