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Lenovo Vantage Gaming features

Hi guys, got a quick question about the Lenovo Vantage

I got a Y530-15ICH-1060, no problems with it so far but what are these gaming features that should appear in Lenovo Vantage (I think it's the "Legion Edge" tab now)? I ask because even though the app itself prompts no error, when i tried installing the oficial "Lenovo vantage gaming feature driver" all i get is a weird "Will finish installing the driver" pop-up with an "Ok" confirmation button that closes the installer.

I guess my question is what features should show up in the Legion Edge tab for this model (Y530-15ICH-1060, it's the full 1060 not max-q) as all i can find on the internet are snapshots of the bigger Y740 and i don't think all the features that that one has belong to the Y530 (like CPU overclock, RAM overclock, Hybrid mode)

Thanks, Mike 

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