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Fanfold Paper
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Music Alarm had no sound

I bought this smart display specifically for an alarm clock that I could talk to and set an alarm by voice because my morning starts are always different anywhere from 130AM all the way up to 730AM and I was getting tired of using my phone to do it.


Anyway, I've had no issues with it until recently this weekend when I tried to talk to it and all it said was "hang on while I connect to the internet" (you can read all that here... )


Fast forward to this morning, my start time was 730AM the same as the wife.... so her alarm goes off and mines not making any sound.... what the heck... so I look over at the lenovo, the screen is on, it has half the screen with the spotify screen and the other half with the blue circle like its supposed to BUT its dead SILENT!! What good  is a silent alarm clock? I checked the home app on my phone and the volume was at 39% and when I turned it up or down you could hear the clicks as the volume was changing on the lenovo so that was not the problem with the sound being too low. So I said "hey google" the circle dots drop down, I said "just checking"and in a loud voice it says "curiosity is a wonderful thing"


It has never done this before now, where do I even start checking for a problem? I set another exact alarm for 5 minutes later and it worked flawlessly. Do I need to get a home hub or a JVC and just write this lenovo off? Anyone else having issues like this?



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