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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga 730-13 screen flickering issue

This seems to be  a problem with many yoga 730-13 users, My screen keeps flickering, to a point where i constantly have to adjust my screen to stabilize the screen. Sometime it gets unbearable to a point where I cannot even use my laptop anymore. This has happened to me previously and at first i installed the new BIOS update and did whatever Lenovo told me to do, but it did not work. Eventually, my laptop would not turn on for some reason. I did send it back for repair, and the laptop seemed to be working fine for that first week, then the screen flickering issue happened again. At this point, I am lost at what to do? has anyone else found a solution to this problem? is there a way lenovo could possibly recall this model, or atleast give our money back since this seems to be a manufacturer issue?

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