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What's DOS?
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My Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 isn't rebooting

I'm suddenly getting this mesg. on screen, 'Encryption unsucessful' and there's an option for RESET TABLET, which isn't working/resetting even after clicking the same.


I did try hard resetting with the power and volume-up rocker buttons, but there're also some errors messages as:

Supported API: 3

E:failed to mount block devices /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/cache

E:failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)


The Wipe Cache Partition, Wipe data/factory reset, Mount/system, etc. options  aren't working.


Kindly help, as I'm staying in a very remote mountanous location with pretty bad climate and the nearest city is a day far..

Help me out!

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