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What's DOS?
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YOGA 920 is not detected for driver updates, Lenovo Vantage S/N, BIOS, Product Numbers invalid



This functionality has never worked, even when new.  Lenovo Vantage tells me my S/N is invalid and then gives me a different BIOS value every time I run the program.  I suspect this is why the Update functionality doesn't detect anything new for my device (I can see newer drivers on the website).  Also, the auto-detect on the website does not work either.  The Automatic Driver Update scan fails (An error occurred while downloading packages.).  There's another place on the site that lets me try something, I forget where.  That didn't work either because it couldn't recognize my device.


Is there anything I can do to get this functionality to work?  I don't want to factory reset the device just to try this, especially since it never worked before.  Worst case is that I'll manually apply the drivers--and there probably won't be any more new ones going forward--but that's annoying.



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