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Yoga-720-15ikb touch screen not working (partially?)

Hello dear lenovo community, I came here to ask for help about a problem I started having, and that is, the touch screen is simply not working. I've tried uninstalling and then installing the driver, disabling and enabling the driver, booting to safe mode, nothing helped. The touch screen is dead. Strangely, the wacom pen that came with the notebook still works. I can use it with the touchscreen with no problems at all. Also, I've installed a few windows updates to see if that helps me, and after the update I've got this error popup on the lockscreen, I don't remember what it was saying exactly, but it mentioned the words "tablet" and "file not found or you have no permission to access it". I can't tell if it's related to the problem here or no.


I'm on Windows 10 home version 1809 with installation date 25. feb. 2019. Note that the screen still worked after this update, I last used the touchscreen on 9. mar. 2019.


thanks for help in advance!

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