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Looks like Lenovo offering up to 8gb memory & 512gb storage models soon

Looks like everyones complaining worked and Lenovo listened.


If you go to Lenovo's US website for the Yoga book C930, looks like they updated the product page, specifically the specs section showing "up to 8gb memory" and "512gb storage." Good news for future buyers but bad news for the rest of us who got screwed with the terrible 4gb memory. 


Doesn't look like you can order it yet as the current view models only show the 4gb/256gb spec but it appears they're going to offer a 8gb/512gb option soon as the product specs released that info before they were able to sell it.


If thinking of buying, hold off even though the current sale price of $789.99 us tempting if you want a decent spec'ed model. 4gb really isnt enough and should've been 8gb like every other competitions base model computer out there.


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