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Punch Card
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Moto G6 Play - No data after pie update

After the PIE update I have no data connection anymore, I tried following solutions but none of them helped. - Switching off automatic Wifi - Several restarts/reboots - A reboot without SIM - Went to the serviceprovider and checked the SIM, got even another, but both SIMs the same. - Tried the second sim slot - Put the SIM in old Moto E phone and it works fine - Reset of all netwerk connections - Kept it in flight mode, powered-off, removed sim, powered-on and installed sim, neither works. - VoLTE disabled/enabled Still no data. Wifi and calls etc.. seem to work fine just no data. It shows a greyed 'H' (HSPA) on top. Please help, I run out of options except as last resort a factory reset....., will that help anyway? Thx in advance
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