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[solved] Lenovo Yoga 720 touch screen, pen issues (wacom device)

Hi, I have Yoga 720 15IKB

about 3 days ago, i got windows update(maybe 1803 or 1809) and suddenly touch screen is not working anymore.

I can see wacom driver error (STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR) in device manager and touch screen in HID tap is disappeared.

I tried many thing.

1. roll back wacom driver & re-install, delete and restart laptop, delete ventage app

2. windows update

3. windows rollback

4. clean re-install windows

5. factory reset with lenovo homepage download windows including drivers


But when i install windows 10 ver.1703 and driver update, it works for several hours. eventually it is not work anymore. I don't know which driver is installed.

I have warrenty in U.S. but i'm living in KOREA. Korean lenovo service don't accept international warrenty. they don't know what the "international" means. 



1. any other method to fix it?

2. is it hardware problem? not software?

3. anyone got to repair it in US? how much cost it? can i use warrenty?

4. my concern is somebody said it is happen again. hardware fixing can make this repeated problem?

5. do i have to pay delivery fee for lenovo service in U.S.(my friend) to U.S.(service centre)?

6. also it has black line on screen. can it be fixed?


Thank to read!


-------------------Update : Issue Solved---------------



1. Backup everything. it will format your PC.

2. make Lenovo official windows installation USB.(I don't know official MS windows install works)

     ==> Access Recovery Media tap

3. download OLD BIOS(1.06?)

4. downgrade to OLD BIOS

5. check windows is broken and trun off PC and put windows installation USB

6. access booting menu using NOVO botten and chosses USB booting

7. install and done


Thank you for Lenovo forum, you are batter than lenovo service centre.

first of all, when i tried to install windows again using USB drive, touch wasn't work in install process. it is weird. touch function is working in other device windows installation process. also other discussion said, linux touch is not working. So, my conclusion is it is not driver problem but lower-level problem. As you know,there is BIOS under windows.


Unfortunately, lenovo don't provide out-dated BIOS. but, finally, I found adresses to acceces old BIOS.

it is V1.06 BIOS(last BIOS is V2.05)

After BIOS downgrade, windows is broken and I access to booting setup using NOVO botten(samll hole next to earphone plug)

lastly, I install lenovo factory windows

you can download it

==> Access Recovery Media tap



PS 1, if you get PRELOAD error during Windows installation like me(I don't know it happen to others), set intel SGX is enabled in the BIOS. and security boot off. you can access to BIOS set up NOVO botten

refer to


PS 2, you can use touch screen even in windows installation processes.


PS 3, please be careful, BIOS downgrade is not recomemded by Lenovo.


PS 4, Sorry for my bad English XD.


PS 5, if you did it, please share your experience here. 


PS 6, Lenovo





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