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WIFI Replacement BCM94330U (BCM4330 Part# 20200050) Not detected in Yoga 13 Type 20175

According to Yoga 13 service manual, AzureWave's BCM4330, Part number 20200050 is a replacement for WIFI card and should work. 



It sure does fit fine and can be connected properly and correctly without any problem but it is not detected by the laptop. It does not even show up as unknown device or anything. I am using Windows 10 1809 LTSC. I also ran Ubuntu's Latest desktop version but it also fails to detect any WIFI/WLAN Card present in the system.



I believe even though it is listed as a compatible part in Yoga 13 maintenance manual, it is probably not whitelisted in System BIOS and probably that is why it is not detected at all

Yoga 13 has been working well for ast 5 years (part from the keyboard hiccups). I have also managed to update its SSD to 1TB and it seems to be working. I use it for my work (software development) and I need a 5Ghz WIFI replacement card for which I imported one 



Please help!. I am running the latest BIOS from lenovo site. If I need to downgrade the BIOS or do something with the BIOS, then I would like to do that in order to make the card work. It is listed as a suppored card and it does not seem to work. Please help. 


P.S: I have attached Ideapad yoga Maintenance manual as reference too!

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