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T480 comes with both GPUs

I ordered a T480 with the Geforce MX150 option. Was surprised to see my delivered unit with Intel UHD 620 and simultaneously active with the Geforce GPU. The Intel GPU however is the default display adapter.


ThinkPad T480 with both Intel and NVIDIA GPUs.JPGIntel UHD 620 is active display adapterI've never quite seen this before. Desktop mainboard BIOS would typically disable the onboard GPU if slotted with an actual video card (leaving the OS blind to its presence), and all my previous laptops that I configured with a discrete GPU would have just that alone.


Am I supposed to disable the UHD 620 in Device Manager in order to force the Geforce to take over? I don't see anything in the BIOS that can influence this (in fact it seems to suggest the UHD is in charge with its shared memory setting).

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