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HELP! Lenovo Z6 Pro, a scam? Benchmark results down the drain.

Hello everyone,


I hope it's not a problem to post this over here. I think this is the most suitable forum to ask this question.


Today I've received my newly ordered Lenovo Z6 Pro Global Rom 8GB 128GB version. I've ordered it from the official Lenovo store on Aliexpress as they had a great deal and I just couldn't go another year with my good ol' Samsung S5.


All went well, the delivery took a while but I remained patient. Today the device got delivered, but here is where things started to go wrong.

I've noticed people reporting in the review section that they noticed very bad Antutu benchmark results. Worse than SD845 for example.

It kind of concerned me, which is why I decided to test the phone the day I had it in my hands. Turns out my device is also faulty. As well as my father’s which arrived the same day. This kind of gives me the feeling this is not a defect. It would be an incredible coincidence to have two defects at the same time, no?

I've been doing 5-6 hours of extensive searching of what could be the cause of this but I just can’t get  a grip of the potential issue there could be.


The weird part about this is that the processor itself has great results. The benchmark clearly shows that too, but as soon as any graphical load is put on the chip, it starts lagging out like mad. You will also notice in the added pictures that the purple (GPU) score is much less than it is supposed to be. I wanted that confirmed, so tried out geekbench. I was happy with it's results as this benchmark is only CPU related. I decided to double confirm and looked for another graphical phone benchmark, which turned out to be 3Dmark.

This is where it starts to get funny. 3Dmark claims that the Lenovo Z6 Pro gets an overall score of 5623 on that test. My device however only manages to reach a sad and incredibly dissapointing 661. To top that off, the benchmark is literally frame after frame, it is not even smooth at all.


The phone actually provides a very smooth user experience but whenever something graphical demanding kicks in, the phone is lost. It starts lagging so bad that it reminds me of my prebuilt gaming pc when I launched crisis 10 years ago (just kidding).


Anyways, if anyone has the knowledge to aid me in trying to resolve this issue, please, I beg you. I really wish that I don't need to return the phone in order to get this issue fixed. If at the end this does seem the only option, I'm afraid that's what will have to happen.


Everything is incredibly amazing. The phone is really great and a blast, especially when you're used to working on a Samsung S5. BUT this graphical issue now spooks my mind and I just can't let loose until I know what is causing this problem.


I've tried different versions of antutu benchmark (newer ones than currently available in Playstore) to rule out that it could be software dependant but the issue persists.


This is a serious cry for help.



PS: because I was only able to add one picture I added links to IMGUR for the other pictures that I'd like to share.

The Antutu benchmark in where the GPU performance issue is clearly visualized is attached. (3Dmark Benchmark) (Aliexpress, other people's reviews)



Best regards,


Kian Van Landeghem


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