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Fanfold Paper
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Cannot enable Mobile Data after Android 9 update


After Pie update I cannot enable Mobile Date and am told I have no network connection. I can enable the Mobile data switch in Settings but it won't stay enabled and checking the Sim card says it is not enabled.

I have booted in both standard and Live modes and no Mobile data in either.

I have removed and replaced the Sim card, rebooted and still no Mobile data.

The phoneis on the Boost Network and worked perfectly for about a year running Android Oreo 8.

After removing, replacing the Sim card and rebooting, I reset the wifi, Bluetooth, network settings and still no Mobile data. What is there left to try?!?!?

The phone is a32gb BY purchased new in 7/2018 and is registered with Moto/Lenovo via this site.

Since the phone worked perfectly before Pie it's not a hardware problem.... I just want a fix not a new phone.

Any Advice from a Moto service specialist would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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