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T420s Keyboard Flex

Upon receiving my T420s I immediately noticed that there was some pretty serious keyboard flex on the lower right corner.  Just recently I sent it in to Lenovo for repair in  an attempt to fix this and other various cosmetic issues.


This is a video I took after I got my laptop back from the depot....they actually replaced the keyboard but this obviously didn't fix the core issue at all...I really didn't appreciate the stupid stickers they left around with the case number on my adapter and optical drive either...


Needless to say this hasn't been the most pleasant purchase experience for me - I've been plagued by various little defects such as the fan noise issue and various little creaky spots on the laptop which weren't really fixed at all when I sent it in to the repair depot.


Does anyone else see any flex on the lower right portion of their T420s keyboard as well or am I just terribly unlucky?

I know that some duct tape / felt behind the keyboard could probably fix this but I would prefer it if Lenovo would have this all working perfectly so that don't have to resort to taping stuff up.

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