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Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎06-10-2011
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Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

I see there are several threads about calibration issues with pen where it behaves not well on the edges of the screen.

I too have problems with it - when I move my pen near edge or especially near corners and cursor just runs away from pen tip towards that edge. In the most affected corner, pen movement of about 1-2 mm causes cursor movement of about 5 mm. It is also slightly dependant on the angle at which I'm holding the pen. If I hold it perpendicular to the screen, then issue becomes less pronounced.

Good calibration on the edges is really crucial, because most programs have their menus, buttons, etc, on the edges, so edges are highly used and very important areas on the screen.

I tried all sorts of drivers, calibrated pen many times, including using command line to get more calibration points, but it doesn't help. Even if I set all calibration points very close to and concentrated near the corners, it doesn't affect corner behaviour much, which is strange (as I see it, calibration means that it shows me point on screen, and I show it what position and orientation of pen I use to click that point, so why after calibration when I put my pen again in same position and orientation, the cursor is placed much further than original calibration point?).

So my question is - is it possible that this is a hardware defect that is present only on some fraction of x220t units and that getting my notebook replaced under warranty will solve those problems? Are there x220t owners who don't have these issues?

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