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X1C7 Modern Standby Battery Drain

The battery on a recently purchased X1C7 drops a little under 1% per hour when in the Modern Standby state. When the hibernation timeout is disabled, the default configuration will automatically hibernate after the battery drops 5%. The system is currently configured to hibernate after 1 hour to prevent excessive power consumption when not in use, but this is not ideal.



A screenshot of the relevant section of a Sleep Study report is included below. It shows an unregistered device (_SB.PCI0.I2C0) active 100% of the time that is preventing the system from entering DRIPS. There are no unknown devices in the Device Manager and the most recent drivers are installed for everything (as far as I can tell). The BIOS was recently updated to v1.23, but this issue has been present for previous BIOS verisons as well.


Any ideas how to resolve this issue?



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