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y570 sound problems (some annoying noise)

Good day. I've bought my y570 nearly a month ago, and after a week of using it, I noticed that it continuously makes some strange noise. It wasn't really loud, but in headphones it could be heared quite clearly, so it was a bit annoying. I studied this issue a little, and found out these facts: it has a constant volume, which is not dependent on system volume (hovewer, turning volume to zero disables the noise), also, the noise was present only when there was some network activity over wifi.

 I was afraid that it was a hardware problem, but eventually I've found out another "solution" - uninstalling realtek hd audio drivers and using default windows drivers solved the problem.

Also, a couple of days ago it started to make another kind of noise - this time, it makes noise every two-three seconds, and the noise lasts several milliseconds. This noise can be disabled uninstalling realtek drivers or muting system volume, but turning off wifi does not work for it.

Both kinds of noises start only after I log in windows account.

As you can understand, muting the volume or turning wifi off during the moments, when I want to listen to something isn't actually a solution.Uninstalling realtek drivers and using standard windows drivers instead of it also isn't an ideal solution - it seems that without them I can't access SRS settings & some other features.

So, I would like to know some kind of a solution, such that realtek drivers will work without making any noise.

My OS is Windows 7, all the drivers are the latest drivers available at lenovo drivers download center. I haven't checked if the problem exists on other operating systems; bios version is also the latest.

I would really appreciate your help.

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