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Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 GPU Issues

Hi, guys.

Im having the following problem:

My Nvidia card doesnt want to work properly all the time. I move the switch, the indicator led goes ON, the game is added @ nvidia control panel to run @ Nvidia card, BUT I start the game and get 19-20 fps.


I restart 10 times, unplug battery & power, reinstalled drivers.

Sometimes the GPU works without ANY problem, I just move the switch and play, and sometimes I have to restart shutdown 10 times in order to make it working again.


When GPU doesnt work properly, It is not shown in AIDA64, and when it works properly - it is shown.


Currently with last nvidia drivers from lenovo support page @ my model, but also tested with various drivers from, the problem presists. I just dont know if it would "decide" to work today or not.


This issue is REALLY annoying, since the GPU act like it's working properly while it isnt and the only way to check it, is to run a game and check fps. The other "detection method" is AIDA64, "GPU" Tab.


If anyone had similar problems and resolved them, please post.

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