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W520 will not wake from sleep



Sorry if it's been already covered, but I ran into a weird problem with W520. The issue is that it will not wake up from sleep. Basically, I close the lid, the system enters into the sleep mode. After I open up the lid, the system tries to turn on (I see HDD light up), but the screen stays black and the system just shuts down, then it all happens over again. I am forced to remove the battery to boot it properly. No BSOD or anything, just the system can't wake up.


This may be somehow connected to the docking station, as it most frequently happens when I close the lid in the docking station, but open the lid when undocked. Also happens when laptop enters sleep disconnected, but I dock it and then open the lid.


I tried BIOS upgrade, but no luck. Anyone seen this before?


Thanks so much.

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