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Paper Tape
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unable to restore Y450 to factory state



as the title states, im unable to restore my laptop to factory state. i've tried using the one key recovery but it doesnt help. it keeps on restoring the laptop to a state wherein there are still programs installed w/c shouldnt be(ie: yahoo, ms office, team viewer, etc). i was trying to look for a way to try formatting it manually but im afraid it might damage the partition.


below are the steps that i did:

- turned off my laptop

- pressed the "One Key Recovery" button

- selected "One key Recovery"

- selected "Restore from initial Backup"


then the process goes on, then it will just restore the laptop to the state describe above.


- now im wondering if theres any other way for me to wipe the "C" drive 1st then reinstall the windows.

- also i wanted to know if theres a way for me to get the windows that came w/ the laptop? as i really dont want to go to a service center.


any suggestion will me much appreciated.


thanks and cheers!!

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