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X220 Tablet 4296-2YU Performance issue with strange Event viewer warning

Hello everyone,


I'm got a Lenovo X220 Tablet 4296-2YU, and I'm having some performance issues with it.

It freezes for a few milliseconds (you can notice this while playing something on Youtube and you'll notice the audio is freezing for 0.001 ms, or watching the mouse cursor very closely and you'll see it is getting stuck)

It also have poor boot time.


Anyway, I look for the cause and found the following interesting event viewer notification attached here.

It is not synced with the freezing issue on the timeline, but i think it is related. 

It says someting like : "the speed of processor 2 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. the processor has been in this reduced performance state for..."


Does anyone have this Warning message while using the computer ?

You can look for it under: Computer manage -Event Viewer - Windows - System



Event Viewer


As some of you may think, i already did a full check for :

Windows updates - Fully updated

Lenovos updates - Fully updated

Hard Drive test - Passed

CPU test - Passed

GPU test - Passed

Memory test - Passed

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