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Paper Tape
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Re: Make the "Thinkpad Keyboard Properties" popup go away forever.

Hello, I had the same problem so I decided to post my solution. Removing Hot Key Integration solves the issue, but also removes the other features like OSD, which is actually good.


I discovered a file responsible for this pop-up menu and the tab in the keyboard config is file "mkrcfg.dll" inside driver installation folder (should be: "C:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY"). If you rename/remove this file the ability to change between Legacy and Default from within an OS goes away (it can still be changed in BIOS). The pop-up "feature" will go away, but all other functions will stay.


I should also warn you, it's entirely possible the dll also includes some other functions related to keyboard and removing it might introduce some other problems. It seems to work fine for me, though. Proper solution would be for Lenovo to give user ability to remove this pop-up.



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