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Faulty Product and Returns Policy

I'm at a loss for what to do right now.


This December, my girlfriend and I purchased a Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 (77452FJ) from an electronics shop in Osaka, Japan. We paid 77,000 yen for it.


The problems started immediately. Here is a list of them:


*The sound would cut out at random intervals.

*The computer would take upwards of 5-10 minutes to boot up.

*Windows at times would simply not boot, and we would be stuck at the Lenovo screen.

*(More, but I won't go into detail because they're so numerous.)


It's obvious that the problem is with the computer's hardware. There seems to be an issue with the motherboard or hard drive. We initially called technical support and followed their instructions to fix the computer (reinstall Windows, pull out all the cords and plug them back in (?), boot in safe mode, etc.). This did nothing, as I originally expected. The tech support agent told us to wait a few days for the problem to fix itself (?) and call again. I humored him by doing so, and a few days later when we called again, they had us repeat the above steps and when the problem was still there, finally said that they would take the computer for repairs.


The computer came back two days later, and they said that there were no problems. That's all. We basically got a "the computer's fine" from Lenovo. And, yet again, as expected, when we turned it on the same exact problems occurred just as before.


I'm going to be direct here: we want our money back. The customer service has quite frankly been atrocious, the product is obviously faulty, and I do not fancy the idea of being ripped off for nearly $1,000. What is the returns policy for Lenovo? I have read that some people attempted to get their money back and were refused. Since the computer is not even a month old I figure Lenovo will honor our claim, but I cannot be sure.

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