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CPU upgrade for Thinkpad Edge e520 1143

I have a lenovo thinkpad e520 with an i3 2310 processor. I want to buy the i7 2720qm and put it in myself but I have noticed that the lenova website only seems to offer an upgrade of their own up to the i7 2620. I am curious as to whether or not this laptop will support the i7 2720 and whether it will be able to withstand the heat produced from it and its power consumption. I know the motherboard is a sandy bridge so it will most likely accept the cpu but what else could go wrong with installing it ( not including damaging during installation). The i7 2720 has a tdp of 45w while the 2620 has a 35w tdp. Is this a problem? Also the i7 2620 and lesser are dual cores while the 2720 is a quad. Will this cause any problems considering the surface area of the heat sink only support dual cores ? Also, will there be any issues with the battery and charger relative to the 2720's power usage as stated before? I called lenova and their tech supports dont seem to have much knowledge on it. I figured the possibility that lenova uses this e series as a less power consuming option so to include the i7 2720 might take awaay from their advertising yet it might still work if done outside of their upgrades.I guess thats about it lol and thanks! 


If you also could tell me if the 2820 will work that wil be greatly appreciated as well.

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