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1802 Unauthorized network card

Hello everybody,


I wanted to upgrade the wifi card in my t420, from what it came with(just said ThinkPad b/g/n on the receipt), to the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (Puma Peak) 3x3 AGN since i needed to be able to use a 5ghz network. I specifically choose that puma peak one, because i saw in the t420 manual that it was supported, and i'd heard of issues with unsupported cards. 

So i finally got the wificard, and even though i picked a supported one i get this message:
1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI netwok card (8086/422B/8086/1101).
System is halted

What have gone wrong? And could i be because this card wasnt ordered directly from lenovo, but from some random danish vendor who had it? I've tried to google around, but without luck.


Only thing i can think of trying right now is taking it out again and tripplechecking that its seated properly.


Hope you guys can help me, and i hope i wont have to hack the bios whitelist or something, seeing how this network card should work without that.


Thanx in advance!




after some more searching and finding this link it would appear that the issue is due to the card not having been bought directly from lenovo. but they dont have the card available in my country (denmark). which basically means im screwed and would have to find some sort of workaround solution. fml Smiley Sad

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