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What's DOS?
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PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

I purchased an IdeaPad Y570 Laptop - 08626JU appropriately 1 month ago. The bundled PowerDVD 10 software did not work - it failed to play blu-ray discs due to the software repeatedly failing to update. Here is how the IT support/complaint process with Lenovo went.

1. Called IT Support, IT support erroneously tells me that PowerDVD does not support blu-ray playback and I will have to purchase software myself. I explain that it was bundled software, it came with a blu-ray drive, and they need to fix the problem by providing me new software. IT promises me software support will call me back within 30-60 minutes... never happened.

2. Sent complain E-mail. I received a response in such extreme broken English that it was incomprehensible.

3. Sent complaint reply and requested to be put in touch with American based customer support. Received another email, also in broken English but somewhat comprehensible. I was told that my computer does not have a blu-ray drive, and that I should contact software tech support, but they would have to charge me for doing so as it's not covered under warranty.

Summary: Lenovo tech support repeatedly lied about my computer, and software, and calling me back. They proved themselves incompetent and not knowledgeable in Lenovo products. Lenovo will not stand behind its product, and then when you think that it can't get any worse they'll try to squeeze more money out of you. In me they (and IBM) have lost a customer for life.


This is a duplicate of the message I am posting on every message board, forum, blog, and complain agency that will hear it.



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