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Lenovo Y480 Review

If anyone's interested in the new Y480 series and has questions, feel free to ask.  I just got the laptop from last week and posted a review of the Y480 today.  I'll paste the conclusion here for those that just skip to the end of reviews anyway Smiley Wink


The IdeaPad Y480 is a worthy successor to the acclaimed Y70 and Y470p.   For the most part Lenovo has stuck to the winning formula of the Y470 – that being producing a mobile 14” laptop that has all the performance of larger 15 – 17” laptops while keeping the price under $1,000.  The new Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor is a nice improvement, offering around a 20% performance boost of similar previous generation Intel processors.  The Nvidia 640M LE graphics card is similar in performance to the AMD 7690M, but once Lenovo starts rolling about more configurations of the Y480 there should be more powerful options available, such as the Nvidia 650M.   Even with all that power packed into a small 14” chassis the heat and noise were a non-issue, Lenovo engineers should be commended for developing a cooling system that works well.


As with anything, not everything is perfect about the Y480.  Some people will be disappointed not to see a higher resolution screen option, for now Lenovo is sticking to just a 1366 x 768 screen option.  The glossy screen and bezel will deter some more conservative buyers.  The Y480’s battery life has actually decreased relative to the Y470 that was able to achieve six hours, not what we expected with Intel touting the power saving abilities of Ivy Bridge.


For the most part though, the Y480 is an improvement.  The backlit keyboard alone is enough to make this reviewer choose the Y480 over the Y470 given the choice.  The Y480 should especially appeal to students who want something both powerful and mobile.  Ultrabooks are all the rage now, but they can’t touch the power and performance you get with the Y480 for the same price.

Full Review


Happy to respond to questions here.  I have used the Y470/Y470P too so can answer any questions regarding comparisons.


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