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Product recovery hangs at recovery.ini

Im attempting to do a full factory restore on my T420. Im able to boot up with the recovery media and use FR disk 1 to get to the point of copying the file \recovery.ini. The Overall Progress bar shows a little under half way. At this point the system asks for FR Disk 2. The option to burn this disk when creating the media was not present and the create recovery media ended successfully while burning only the 2 disks (boot disk and FR disk 1). Ive done factory restores on tons of T500's and x220's for work and typically when you get to this point you can select NO when prompted for disk 2 and recovery continues and finishes successfully since disk 2 contains elements not essential to the factory restore. Ive clicked NO and it goes back to the recovery progress window...... and just sits there. No error messages, the system is not locked up, but no HD activity, no progress meter movement and the optical drive is silent. Ive never seen a recovery like this. Ive waited for an hour or so with no activity. No error messages... but no activity. All the buttons at the bottom are grayed since its in the middle of the process so the only option is to wait..... Anyone else ran into this?
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