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Blue Screen Again
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Island 6-row keyboards coming to Thinkpads - your opinions?

Now that the new Thinkpads for 2012 have been announced, with pictures, we can see that one big change across the entire line-up (more specifically, T/W/X series) is the transition to the 6-row island keyboard in lieu of the traditional 7-row one.


This is the old keyboard.


This is the new keyboard.


I posted a poll on the Thinkpad forums (here), but I would specifically like to post it here as well, as I feel that this community may be more diverse and represent a more general (or at least different) group of Thinkpad users.


Unfortunately, it seems there is no technical way to actually make a poll, so all I can do is list the options, and anyone who wants can reply with the option number of their choice (and a few words of explanation if they want so).


Please vote only on the keyboard and only as a whole. Therefore if some aspect of the new keyboard appeals to you, but the other doesn't, try to still consider whether the overall keyboard change is attractive to you or not, choose the option that most accurately describes your feelings.


Poll question: How do you like the latest keyboard change?



(1) Very good - It makes these Thinkpads more appealing to me

(2) Good - I like it

(3) Neutral - Don't care either way

(4) Bad - I dislike it

(5) Very bad - This may be a deal-breaker for me

(6) I'll make up my mind once I've actually had one to try

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