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lenovo y570 blue screen error

hello everybody,

last week i had my new lenovo y570 and it worked well for 3 days but when i was installing some programs i have gots some errors . however , i was playing "syndicate" then suddenly the laptop shutted-down (it did not hibernate it closed as you unplugged it from electricity ) then i turned it on and it worked , but i noticed the the charger was unplugged and i was working on the battery but th battery was 17% so it was not the reason  after that i made a recovey and the recovery finished and i installed prgrams then i was updating my Norton and the java was installing and i was downloading some themes then the mouse didnt move after that the laptop gave me this blue screen :

i need  to know is it a software problem or a hardware one ????
and do i have go to the supplier or not ????  
and is the problem is covered by the warranty ???

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