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T500 -Battery draining too quickly

Hello everyone.  First time on the forums and I hope someone can help me out with this so here it goes...


I'm using a T500 which is almost brand new and I've noticed that my battery is draining too quickly.  I know this because I have owned other Thinkpads before (T60, T61p, R61, etc.) and this is the worst on battery life.  I have a 9-cell battery in currently with 80.10Wh at full capacity and I don't get more than 2.5 hours out of one full charge.  I had this same 9-cell battery in my older T60 and I was easily able to pull 6 hours of battery life.  I have my power manager set to 'Optimized' and dimmed the screen almost all the way.  What could I be missing here?  I'm running Windows 7 Pro if it makes any difference.


Thanks for any of your inputs.

T500 (2055)
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