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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad X1 Carbon does not start up

I received my Thinkpad X1 Carbon a week ago and it's been working fine both on battery power and on the AC adapter the entire time. This morning, I closed my laptop like usual (so it goes to sleep but doesn't shut down) and brought it to class with me. When I tried to wake it up though, nothing would work. It won't boot with the AC plugged in either. I'm pretty sure the battery is an integrated battery and I don't want to void my warranty by fiddling with it.


Does anyone know what I can do about this problem? It's the only computer I have in college and I'm taking some computer science courses so my problem is pretty urgent. I also can't feasibly bring it to somewhere to repair since I'm in a pretty isolated town and I don't own a car.


Also by reading the forums here, I'm under the impression that the Lenovo customer support line is simply terrible. Is that true?


Once again, thanks for any possible insight!

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