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Y580 on battery, : Bug Report for lenovo staff - Graphics throttling while using battery

When running the Y580 on battery, the gpu is supposed to clock down to 405mhz core.

Nvidia designed the GTX660m and GT650m to run at 405mhz on battery.


However, after several minutes, the gpu throttles down from 405 to 135mhz, which is the 2D idle clock speed, and the whole computer gets extremely laggy, like it's out of memory (but it's not)


Take a look at the GPU-z monitor attached below. See how the graph looks like sawtooth after a solid block of red? It slams down to 135mhz every few seconds after initially running at 405mhz for about 1 minute.


In Power Options, my cpu is set to run at 1%, so that means I have it locked at 1200mhz while on battery.


I have the cpu set at the lowest voltage, and the gpu is running at 50% of max. This should not consume very many watts.



Lenovo staff: can you submit this bug for testing ?


If you have the Y580 for testing, you can duplicate my issue by running Heaven benchmark, or Furmark, and have gpu-z monitoring the clock speed, like I have below.

You should see the throttling after several minutes when running on battery.


I contacted Nvidia, and they said the gpu should not be behaving this way. Something might be wrong with the bios or vbios or something.


When I use Nvidia Inspector, I can force it to hold 405mhz core clock, and it appears to run OK; no crashes or anything.

It is only when I put the computer on autopilot that it throttles down to 135mhz.


I tested this on stock 295 drivers, and the new nvidia 306 driver released this week. Same throttling issue.



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