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What's DOS?
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X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues

I got my X230 Tablet recently and want to run it under Windows 8. After upgrading yesterday, the Touch Screen refuses to work: the position is always in the bottom right corner, but clicking is recognized. The effect is that all windows are closed and opened alternately when touching the screen. Quite annoying, in particular as in Windows 8 the Touch screen would be actually very useful.


I updates all drivers and bios, as far as possible, but the Touch Screen behavior remained. Somebody suggested that a clean installation of Windows 8 does lead to a well working Touch Screen. I tried it once, but after about two hours of computer work, Windows came back with the message that the installation failed, and thus I stay with my non working Touch Screen.


What do I have to do to get my Touch Screen working again?

The Wacom Pen is fine, so I can live with the X230 for the time being, but working with my fingers on the screen would be actually nice - and it beats those iBooks by lengths.


Who has ideas?



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