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What's DOS?
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Re: X230 unable to enter bios set up, need help PLEASE

Today I ran into same trouble with an X230 and BIOS version 2.02.

I discovered that the issues are related to USB devices (in my case a Lenovo USB mouse) connected to the docking station (ThinkPad UltraBase Series 3, FRU P/N 04W6846) while doing a cold boot. If you disconnect the USB mouse, entering the BIOS setup works as expected. Once you entered the BIOS you can reconnect the USB mouse and reboot the system by using <CTRL>+<ALT>+<DEL> as often as you want. Entering the BIOS setup works each time than.


Furthermore I found out that the problem also occurs without using the docking station if you connect the USB mouse to the (yellow) "AlwaysOn" USB connector. If you use one of the (blue) USB 3.0 connectors, everything works fine.


This behavior looks like a BIOS bug during system initialization.


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