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Blue Screen Again
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X1 Carbon PXE Boot Issues

Firstly Hello everyone, and sorry if this has been asked / solved before... I couldn't find the search option for the forum (its early, my brain is still sleeping).


I have issues with getting the X1 Carbon to PXE boot, I have it connected to the network via the Lenovo USB / Ethernet adaptor, and when I press F12 the LAN option is there. This is where the problems start.


One you press enter to boot via NIC the screen goes black and the text ">>Start PXE over IPv4" is displayed, this lasts for about 30 / 40 seconds before exiting back to the boot menu. It never boots through to Ghost. I have double checked that I have the TFTP server, PXE server and Ghostcast Server running correctly (and has been tested using a Vaio).


Has anyone else seen this issue? Fixed this issue?


Thanks for reading, and any help would be greatly appreciated

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