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Ideapad Yoga 11 with Windows RT - Issues

Got my orange Yoga 11 with Windows RT a few days ago here in the UK, and I have to say that initial impressions are very good. No fan at all, barely gets wam, switches on from connected standby almost instantly, and battery life is really impressive. Build quality seems solid - no peeling paintwork, and keyboard is securely fastened, screen is great quality, there's some backlight bleed on the right side, but only visible when at 100% against a black background (i.e. never). There's a bit more flex and 'give' in the screen than I expected, but nothing I can't live with. Wifi signal is also strong and connections don't drop like others are seeing with the Yoga 13.

So, Windows RT ... still getting used to it, but here are some initial niggles:  there only appears to be one Lenovo RT settings app available in the Store, and it's fairly useless, since all it does is provide a switch to lock/unlock keyboard in different orientations (why?). No Lenovo drivers are available from here either, I guess these all come from Windows Update for the RT model instead?

The problems I'm having stem from not being able to tweak some system & hardware settings properly because of the above and the need to rely on stock driiver configs, specifically:

- Keyboard: it can be quite sluggish, and doesn't register repeat letters very well (like in 'tell' or 'soon') at my typing speed. I've never experienced this with any keyboard, nevermind a Lenovo one. The stock keyboard config under Control Panel does nothing to help this - changing the two options for Repeat delay/Repeat rate just make it worse. This is quite annoying, as I really have to slow down my typing speed to get any work done. It would currently be my no. 1 reason for returning it, depending on how I get on with it this week.

- Touchpad: no options are available to configure it that I can find. No tweaking multi-touch, like 2-finger scroll direction (which is reversed from the normal setting). It can also be very sluggish to respond sometimes, especially for pinch to zoom and similar gestures.

- Bluetooth: allthough I can pair with e.g. Jamboxes fine enough, the connection is dreadful - constantly skipping and dropping out with any audio source, basically unusable.  The Jamboxes work fine with every other device I own. Again no settings I can tweak here beyond the installation options, and no way to debug the problem.

Any help or advice with these niggles would be much appreciated, especially the keyboard issue.

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