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How to use one key recovery after it stops working

Hi again

This guide is on using one key recovery backup manually when the function stops woking. For this, you require your recovery partition to be absolutely untouched. Even if you have deleted other partition but this partition stays, you still have the chance to access the backup. LIke before, these steps are also very easy to follow and dont require any professional experiences

Now moving on to the steps,

Firstly you will need to download ptedit32.exe, download from here:-

Now run the application as administrator. You will get this. You have to change the partition type of the oem partition which is 12 by default to 07 as shown below



And click save changes

Now reboot and you would see a new partition in my computer after rebooting named LENOVO_PART

Open the partition and you will see 5 folders. Open the OKRBackup  folder and then open the folder named Factory.  

In the folder you would see a file named OS.okr . Copy it and save it wherever you want. This file is the image of the operating system and is the same as the install.wim image file which is used in installing windows. 

So you will rename this file to install.wim. Now this file is usable to install windows the way you normally install it. 

To use this file, you will have to delete the default install.wim file which is found in the sources folder of the windows setup and then copy the one key recovery install.wim to the sources folder. Thats all you have to do. Just install once using the image to see it working. 



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