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Y500: Serious Issues Lenovo Engineers must fix

Hi folks,


I am here to sum up the major problems of this model in one topic because the threads stating these problems are scattered all over the forums.



Here is a list of problems Lenovo should fix on the Y500:


Bios fixes:


- (visible) option to enable Intel HD4000 for WiDi and switchable graphics resulting in longer battery runtime


- Battery status LED should turn orange if fully charged and blink on low battery

  --> or how do you know whether fully charged or not??? Please tell me!


- option to enable Num. Block on startup. I got to turn it on manuelly each time.



Hardware fixes:


- touchpad: hot issue


- keyboard: autotyping random things at random times, or freezes and stops working



If you agree with me: Please discuss on this topic, make it popular, so that Lenovo staff will pay attention to it.

Feel free to post any further issues!


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